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Chinese Tomato & Fish Soup

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

[ Prep Time: 5 min | Cooking Time: 45 min | Serving: 4 ]

This is a refreshing, nutritious fish soup with tomato. It is very easy to make and can also be used a soup base for rice noodles.


  • 600 g Tomato

  • 350 g Crucian Carp

  • 40 g Ginger Slices

  • 2500 mL Hot Water

  • ½ Tsp Salt



1. Rinse the tomato (600 g), remove the stems and cut into chunks.

2. Rinse the crucian carp (350 g) then pat dry with a kitchen towel.

3. In a pan, stir fry ginger slices (40 g) until fragrant with oil (1 tsp). Add crucian carp and then pan fry each side over medium heat for 30 sec.

4. Add hot boiling water (2500 mL), cover and simmer over medium heat for 30 min.

5. Filter the fish soup over a sieve.

6. Add chopped tomato and salt (1 tsp), cover and simmer over low heat for 10 min.



  • This fish soup can be used as a soup base for rice noodles.

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