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Ginger Milk Pudding

[ Prep Time: 5 min | Cooking Time: 5 min | Serving: 1 ]

Ginger milk pudding is a popular Cantonese dessert. The protease in the ginger juice serves as the curdling agent by reacting with the milk protein to form a silky milk curd with a tofu like structure!


  • 50 g Ginger (25 g Ginger juice)

  • 200 mL Whole Fat Milk

  • 40 g Condensed Milk



1. Grate the ginger (50 g) with the finest grater.

2. Transfer the grated ginger to a fine-mesh strainer and squeeze the juice out directly to the serving bowl.

3. Heat the milk (200 mL) and condensed milk (40 g) over medium heat to 80℃ with stirring.

4. Pour the milk into the serving bowl quickly.

5. Leave to set for 5 min and enjoy!



  • The optimal proteolytic activity of the ginger protease is about 70℃.

  • The addition of condensed milk increases the overall protein content which helps to produce a firmer milk curd.

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