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Mayak Eggs

[ Prep Time: 20 min | Cooking Time: 6 min | Serving: 4 ]

The Korean-style spicy marinated egg is very simple to make. The soft boiled egg is served with a spicy sauce full of aroma, which is super delicious and addictive!


  • 4 Eggs

  • 40 g Scallion

  • 50 g Onion

  • 15 g Garlic Cloves

  • 5 g Chili


Sauce Mix

  • 3 Tbsp White Sugar

  • 100 mL Soy Sauce

  • 100 mL Water

  • 1 Tbsp Sesame

  • ½ Tsp Sesame Oil



1. Let the eggs (4 pcs) warm up to room temperature.

2. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add eggs (4 pcs), simmer over high heat for 6 min with stirring.

3. Prepare a bowl of ice water. Add the soft boiled eggs to the ice water and let them cool for 15 min, then peel and set aside.

4. Rinse onion (50 g), garlic (15 g), chili (5 g) and scallion (40 g).

5. Chop onion, chili and scallion and grind the garlic cloves into paste.

6. Mix soy sauce (100 mL), water (100 mL) and white sugar (3 tbsp).

7. Add minced garlic, chopped onion, chopped chili, chopped scallion, sesame (1 tbsp) and sesame oil (½ tsp) and mix well.

8. Add peeled eggs and sauce mix, marinate them in the refrigerator for 1 day.



  • Store the mayak eggs in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

  • Boiling eggs warmed up back to room temperature are less likely to crack the shell.

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