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No-Knead Artisan Bread

[ Prep Time: 20 hr | Baking Time: 45 min | Serving: 8 ]

Artisan-style bakery loaves have a thick, crisp crust with a chewy, open interior. With a highly hydrated dough and long resting period, gluten will form naturally without the need to kneading the dough!


  • 425 g Plain Flour

  • 6 g Salt

  • 4 g Instant Yeast

  • 300 mL Water



1. In a bowl, mix flour (425 g), salt (6 g) and instant yeast (4 g).

2. Add water (300 mL), mix and fold the dough with specula until no dry flour left.

3. Cover the dough with cling film and let it sit at room temp for at least 12 h (and up to 24 h).

4. Deflate and shape dough into a ball on a floured surface.

5. Place the dough on parchment paper and let it rise in a round mould for 2 h.

6. Preheat oven to 220 °C / 430 °F with a baking tray with water (250 mL).

7. Make a cross cut on the dough with a sharp knife.

8. Bake at 220 °C / 430 °F for 45 min, let it cool down completely on a rack and serve.



  • The bread slices can be stored in a freezer for up to 4 weeks.

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