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White Sugar Sponge Cake

[ Prep Time: 2 hr | Cooking Time: 20 min | Serving: 4 ]

White sugar sponge cake is sweet with a moist, soft and spongy texture. It is a traditional snack made from white rice and sugar.


  • 350 g Water

  • 200 g Rice Flour

  • 100 g White Sugar

  • 7 g Instant Dried Yeast



1. In a pot, add rice flour (200 g), white sugar (100 g) and water (350 g) and mix well.

2. Heat the mixture over medium heat with stirring until the batter starts to thicken (about 4 min).

3. Use a sieve to filter the batter into a bowl, and mix well.

4. Cool the batter to 40°C/100°F, stir in instant dry yeast (7 g), cover and let it ferment for 2 hr.

5. Grease a plate with vegetable oil (1 tbsp) and pour in the batter.

6. Steam it over medium heat for 20 min, let it cool and cut into pieces to serve.



  • It is important to thicken the batter first so that the rice flour won't sink to the bottom during fermentation.

  • If you prefer a more spongy texture, substitute part of the rice flour (50 g) with tapioca flour (50 g).

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